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The damage sustained by the nerves will determine the classification of the injury. A 3-grade classification of nerve injuries was developed that identified Axonotmesis as a nerve injury that is considered a more severe disruption of axons and surrounding endoneurial sheaths. The result of an axonotmesis injury is motor, sensory, and autonomic paralysis. Despite the axon damage, disruption of the endoneurial sheath, perineurium, or epineurium does not present itself.

The result of damage to the axons with preservation of the endoneurium, epineurium, Schwann cell tubes, and other supporting structures makes recovery after suffering axonotmesis in existence, though it can take many months. Depending on the severity of the axonotmesis injury, full recovery can take up to an entire year. The recovery is reliant upon if the compressing force is removed in a timely fashion and if the axon is able to regenerate.

Effects of nerve injuries like axonotmesis can be extremely frightening when occurring in live birth. Not all birth related injuries are preventable, but with advances in the delivery process, there are many precautions that are taken to best ensure the lowest level of risk for injury. The failure for medical professionals to issue adequate care may be considered negligence in some instances.

If an injury such as axonotmesis has occurred, it is always advised to contact a legal expert. Not every case will develop into a strong claim, but a lawyer will be able to identify if a strong case exists and then to notify you of your legal rights and options. The ability to pursue legal action is both a right and responsibility by compensating those unrightfully injured and helping to prevent any other injuries from occurring in the future. Please contact us for more information on axonotmesis.

Additional Information on Axonotmesis:

Congress of Neurological Surgeons - Diagnosis and Management of Peripheral Nerve Injury and Entrapment.

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